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What Can We Learn from the History of Gold?

Who decides the value of money? Within the traditional financial institution of foreign currency exchange, the American dollar is considered highly valuable, owing in large part to the fact that most financial transactions and international trade is done in USD. As such, countries that do a lot of business with the U.S. choose to peg their currencies to the dollar, […]

Grit Capital Interviews Cale Moodie, CEO of Neptune Dash

Neptune Dash (DASH-V, $0.30, $23MMCAP) “Upside to CRYPTO without the downside of CAPEX” Grit Capital interviewed Cale Moodie the CEO today and here are 5 reasons why we like this company: 1. Own the Master not the Mining: they don’t mine. They own MasterNodes that earn ~8% yield (“DASHFLOW”). They are self-sustaining at this point don’t need to raise more […]

Karl Marx Predicted Cryptocurrencies 150 Years Ago

Let’s be clear: Karl Marx did not explicitly predict cryptocurrencies in the way that Leonardo da Vinci conceptualized the precursor of the helicopter—you won’t find a Marx notebook with an early sketch of blockchain technology. But still, the parallels are striking. If you pay enough attention, you’ll see that the evolution of political and economic structures touted by Marxist theory […]