Will Dash Ever be as Big as Bitcoin?

MySpace, once hailed as the most visited social networking site in the world, had 75.9 million unique visitors a month at its 2008 peak. At the time, no one predicted that Facebook would knock the platform into oblivion. And yet by 2010, when MySpace announced that it would be integrating itself into Facebook’s login and social tools, the message was […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Dash

Bitcoin has been hailed as one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of our time—and one of the most volatile investment options. Its popularity has spurred a wave of cryptocurrencies built on blockchain, aptly named “altcoins”, that have learned from Bitcoin’s success and shortcomings. These cryptocurrencies are becoming viable investment options for anyone who missed the Bitcoin boat and wants to […]

The Best Low-Risk / Big Upside Cryptocurrency Play of Early 2018

  Post by Ross Pilot. Originally posted on The New Currency Frontier.   In 2018, smart investors looking for the best quality crypto-stocks will look for companies that have exposure to cryptocurrencies but are not simply holding tanks for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc. The problem with a LOT of Blockchain deals is—you are not really investing in cryptocurrency, which is where the […]

The Utility of Dash

  Dash is one of the top digital currencies. It was created based on Bitcoin, so there’s similarity between Bitcoin and Dash. However, Dash has made a number of improvements to make it more applicable for people and organizations to use globally. All these improvements are to increase its applicability and utility. For a currency to flourish, it must be […]